Driving Simulator


Whether you are a new or experienced driver, the Driving Simulator can help prepare you for unexpected situations, before actually getting on the road. Drivewise is the only driving school in BC that uses a driving simulator in lessons – our students often feel more confident and ready for the road with the use of the simulator.

Using the simulator not only gives drivers realistic visual scenarios, but allows them to physically experience wheel resistance and the feel of braking. With the simulator we can imitate what a dangerous driving situation feels like and show drivers how to safely deal with these situations.

Dangerous Driving Situations

  • Winter driving – snow, ice, heavy rain, or fog
  • Distracted driving
  • Driving under the influence
  • Texting and driving

The Driving Simulator is used in many of our lessons and driving packages. Our Full driving program integrates classroom learning, driving simulator, and on-road experience to give our students a well-rounded program.

Corporate and Events

The Driving Simulator is easily portable. We can bring the simulator to events and workplaces to showcase different driving situations. Many of our corporate customers also use the simulator for their employees for testing purposes.

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